About Doc

Hi Everyone,

This is Doc Bud and first of all, I want to thank each person who visits this site and has any interest at all in what we're doing here. I am passionate about High-Brix Gardening and want to share this passion with everyone interested in growing the healthiest crops possible, with the goal of reaching each plant's full genetic potential on a regular basis.  

This journey began when I realized that the best tasting, most nutritious foods were always grown in living, "organic" soil. Over the years, I embarked on a never ending voyage of discovery on exactly what makes a legitimately fertile soil.

It was at this point that I was exposed to the work of Dr. Carey Reams and Dr. William Albrecht, both of whom acted as pioneers in discovering the common characteristics shared among the most bountiful soils on our planet. Reams and Albrecht discovered that through the process of Re-mineralization, it turns out some soils may be amended in such a way that they replicate these fertile environments, and are then capable of producing elite, High Brix produce.   

My pledge to our customers and clients flows from the very concepts and principles at work in a healthy soil; Synergy, and the humble pursuit of the best growing materials and methods possible.

We promise to humbly and tenaciously look for any and all ways to improve these products and how they’re used.

We promise to strive to improve the health and nutrient-density of the crops our customers and clients depend on.  

We promise to source only the highest quality raw materials for our products. If we can find a better ingredient, we will use it, period. Organic based, non-GMO, non-radioactive,  and without any pesticide, chemical, or heavy-metal contamination.  

We promise to charge a fair price. We promise to ship orders as fast as possible and we promise to go above and beyond when it comes to client support.    

High-Brix gardening—more specifically the benefits of High-Brix produce—has forever changed my life for the better and I know it will change yours as well. We promise to help anyone who is interested in legally producing their own High Brix produce in their own basements, backyards, or bedrooms.

Our main focus isn't (just) the large operations regularly producing hundreds of pounds.   We have a soft spot in our hearts for "the little guy,”—the home and boutique growers. With Doc Bud's High-Brix Blend everyone is capable of producing elite level, mouth-watering, astoundingly good produce…..many on their very first try. The freedom of not having to rely on someone else to obtain the finest produce possible is what we aim to share and deliver.

We pledge to make this happen for you; in your own homes, greenhouses, and gardens.  

Cheers from our garden to yours!