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Growth Ionic Drench - 8 oz

Growth Ionic Drench - 8 oz

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This is where strong stems and healthy leaves come from. It is also used during the latter half of the bloom cycle to further support fruit and flowers. Mix with enough water to hydrate the soil, at 0.5 to 1.0 mil per gallon of soil in the container.

Alternate Growth Ionic Drench with Transplant throughout the grow cycle, during veg and bloom.

  • High Brix version of "Cal Mag".
  • The high calcium content in the drench drives the strong stems and healthy leaves we're known for. 
  • This product increases soil energy and stimulates vegetative growth and bulking of fruit and flowers once formed.
  • Application: Mix 1 oz with 5 gallons of water and apply to root zone. Alternatively, .5 - 1ml of Growth Ionic Drench per gallon of soil being watered. If you're using The Kit we recommend about 1 1/2 tsp into a gallon of water (for 7 gallon pot). Product may be applied at 2x strength without adverse effects.
  • Doc Bud's Products are Proudly Made in the USA with elite, high quality ingredients for high-brix growing. 

***Pro-Tip: Finishing the growing cycle on Growth Ionic Drench often results in sweeter tasting and smelling produce.

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